Our Geckos of PP1 have stepped into the fifth unit of inquiry under the theme ‘How we organize ourselves.’ In this unit they are learning about various community helpers and their roles and responsibilities in the community. Among the many community helpers they are becoming knowledgeable about, journalists are one of the most important because they influence the way we see the world. Being a journalist comes with a sense of responsibility to provide the truth to the readers.

Hence, we decided to celebrate ‘Journalist of the Day’ on 7th February where in our tiny enthusiastic Geckos became Journalist for a day. Our curious Geckos were all geared up for this exciting day and what can be better than starting the day interviewing our respected Principal Sir .  The Geckos went to Principal Sir to confabulate with him. They were principled throughout the interview. They questioned him about his roles and responsibilities as a Principal to which he beautifully explained to them the roles and responsibilities he performs. He in turn asked our little Geckos what their roles and responsibilities are in their school. Our Geckos confidently replied to him that they are students.  They surprised our Principal Sir with their approach like professional journalists. They even interviewed HR, AGM ( Assistant General Manager), PRM( Personal Relation Manager), Coordinators, Drivers, Security and Ayammas confidently. They used their logical thinking to inquire our PRM about her roles and responsibilities and why and how she helps the parents. Our Geckos wanted to know the experience of the AGM so far to which he replied that its wonderful and his only motive is to see the Geckos smiling always.

It was a wonderful experience for the Geckos as it enhanced their thinking skill and communication skill. Our purpose was achieved as the Geckos thoroughly enjoyed their role as Journalists.