“Let’s celebrate the past, present and future inventors and the communities that encourage them” by Thomas Alva Edison

Introduction: Imagine a day without electricity, light bulb, computer, internet or simple thing like a matchstick. Geckos of Grade 4, 5, 6 and 7 participated in the “Inventor’s Day” to celebrate the great contributions and discoveries of Genius Inventors who made our present day lives easier.

Students Actions: Geckos of grade 6 and 7 had hands on activity putting together a simple circuit with a switch, battery, light bulb and wires. This activity was conducted in recognition of one of the world’s greatest inventor “Thomas Edison” for his long-lasting electrical light bulb, the scientist with record number (1093) of patents to his name and whose birthday has been proclaimed as the “National Inventor’s day” by the USA. Geckos also read a book on “Tales of discoveries” from Gaudium library.

Geckos of grade 4 and 5 were inspired by the Hindi lesson “ Chand Pe”. Mrs. Dixit talked about Human adventures to the Moon and connected to a recent international news on the latest invention by a teenager Ahmed Mohamed who created a digital clock from a pencil case and got arrested under the wrong impression of a fake bomb. Geckos made digital clock using thermocol and ice cream sticks to mimic and salute Mohamed’s invention. They also made flip-open flower card, paper airplane, etc..

Learning outcomes: Geckos of grade 6 and 7 realized the difference between inventions and discoveries. They were fascinated by the modern inventions and discoveries that are so trivial yet important part of their daily life for e.g. matchstick, pep- O-mint, play dough, basketball game,chewing gum etc…. Students tried their hands at the DIY electrician’s skill to fix a switch and bulb through proper wiring. Grade 4 and 5 came up with their own creative ideas to make objects of value.

Facilitators Involved

Grade 6 and 7: Mrs. Archana Reddy and Mrs. Reshama

Grade 4 and 5: Mrs. Preethi Dixit, Mrs. Sanjana and Mrs. Neha Tammareddy

Event Coordinator: Mrs. Pooja Komable


Snapshots of the event: