Geckos of grade 7 are getting acquainted with the topic ‘Types of Markets’ in which they are learning about retailers and the different types of retailers. To understand it better, the Geckos engaged
themselves in understanding the practical side of markets and interviewed itinerant retailers. One of them was a juice seller and the other a fruit seller who mainly sold bananas and grapes. Both of them sold their things on a pushcart. The Geckos asked the retailers whether or not they have migrated from another place and how they select which place to move to sell their goods. The Geckos got an idea about the pros and cons of being an itinerant retailer. They understood how the work schedule of the corporate sector defines the profit and loss for the retailer. They also had a firsthand learning of the dos and dont’s of interviewing.

Coordinators: Home Room Teachers


Some highlights of the interview: