Since the day the Prime Minister of India, Sri Narendra Modi came together with the whole country to observe this day that can alleviate mindfulness and well-being in this anxiety- ridden world, the International Yoga Day has become a must for the schools not only in India but also abroad. However, at Gaudium, we have always valued the necessity of attending to our mental and physical well-being, which is why we have a pillar dedicated to Mindfulness and Well-being among the five developmental pillars that make up the Gaudium Happy Minds’ Model. So, the advantages of Yoga are well understood by the proponents of the Happy Minds’ Model.

To observe the International Day of Yoga was never out of our daily routine, in fact, every day before the teaching sessions start our CBSE students start their days with distinct mindfulness sessions. So, one can see how it was already a part of our school design. Nevertheless, to observe the special day all the students along with their teachers came together to commemorate the special day on June 21, 2022. Once the significance and necessity of Yoga and how it is the most precious gift to the world on behalf of Bharat, were delineated, the teachers guided the gathering to simple stretches that needed to be a part of our everyday routines. The Surya Namaskar which is believed to be the most inclusive form of Yoga was also performed by the stakeholders.

Apart from the aspects of Mindfulness and Well-being, the observance of the International Yoga Day also was a brilliant way to bring all the stakeholders of Gaudium together. If one delves deeper into the execution of the day, one could see how Gaudium is trying to ensure that every stakeholder’s growth is holistic. This is how at Gaudium we try to incorporate the 5 developmental pillars into the everyday processes so that our aim of creating happy minds who would then help create a happy world will become successful.


Some highlights: