The International Day of Mathematics aims to showcase the fundamental role played by the mathematical sciences in the achievement of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The day invites us to celebrate the joy to be found in mathematics through festive and diverse activities taking place around the world.

At The Gaudium School we celebrated International Mathematics Day on 23rd March, 2022. Students participated and enjoyed their learning in Mathematics across from Grades Nursery to grade 5. The various activities like Monster mystery, Measure to win treasure, Challenge challenge everywhere, Find my name, Roll and Splash, Find my place, Ludo add and kick ahead, Multiplication wheel, Jigsaw puzzle, Suduko – I know all, Guess Me, Data data everywhere, What’s the chance, Create your pattern, Roll the dice helped them to sharpen their various mathematics skills.

Students framed essential agreements as well so that everyone gets a chance to participate and enjoy solving.


Some highlights: