The students of Classes VI to XII of CBSE curriculum along with their teachers of The Gaudium School ushered in the morning of 8th September 2020 in a virtual celebration of the International Literacy Day. The International Literacy Day was initiated by the United Nations with the aim of featuring the importance of literacy to individuals, communities and societies globally. It is the day when we celebrate and understand the relevance of being literate without taking it for granted. The students came to know about the importance of the day and how it was initiated at the United Nations when all the global leaders pledged to make sure that every human being becomes literate and children get to go to school as it is their right to be literate and educated. Literacy means the ability to read and write and even in this century, we are still in a deplorable state as many children still don’t have the access to education and are denied their rights to get literate. Reading helps us to develop and imagine; literacy being an essential skill and the basic tool for empowerment, hence the day marks the advent of accepting the challenge of ending illiteracy globally!

The celebration of the event by the high school CBSE wing though concise was a very effective one. The address by Ms. Rashmi and the CBSE coordinator on the occasion touched and motivated everyone. The geckos became mindfully aware of the situation which many fellow young children are facing during these days of the pandemic. They realized that many young children are not so fortunate to have access to online education and are actually missing out from receiving basic education in this present scenario. The address by the CBSE Coordinator Mrs. Varsha Dillikar, wholly moved the geckos, as she asked the geckos to empathize with others and give back to society whenever possible. Ms. Rashmi, motivated the young students to pick up a book this International Literacy Day and read, absorb and reflect and then pass the book to the community for the betterment and development of others. The geckos participated actively in the event by reciting meaningful poems which made everyone ponder on the importance of literacy. Imagining, what would one be, what hardships one would have to go through in life, when the person does not know how to read and write, which in the course of life many of us take for granted as a basic skill on which education and progress ahead is based on. How extremely primary and a necessity it is to learn to read and write which many do not have the access to? The students and teachers who spoke on the occasion provoked a thought process in all the participants present.

The event concluded with a vote of thanks as the geckos were ready to join their regular scheduled online classes for the day feeling positive, motivated and empathetic.


Some highlights: