To enhance the students’ learning and give them some regular and also out of the box informations about the types of houses found in our country and also in other countries; we invited few of the Gaudium facilitators as Guest lecturers, who belong to different parts of the country and have also spent their time in abroad. Mrs Vineeta from U.K, Mrs. Rabeena and Jency from Kerala, Ms. Nilakshi and Ms. Lalchhandami from North-Eastern States of India and Ms. Anshu from Jammu & kashmir were our respected guests who had an interactive session with our Geckos. They spoke about the type of houses found in their region and the reason behind that. Keeping the age group of our audience the guests had brought pictures and ppts of the houses to share their experience with them, which made the session very interesting and productive. Our Geckos were very enthusiastic and curious to see and know about these kinds of houses which we don’t see usually in our cities. Further they reflected their learning by filling a reflection sheet. Overall it was a great learning experience for our Geckos.

Facilitators: Various


Some highlights of the lecture: