On 19th Feb the Cambridge representative Mr. Harish Iyer was on campus to inspect the school to give the final approval.  Mr. Iyer liked the campus as he mentioned that it was unique in South India that is child-centric eco-friendly built with natural materials. He was impressed by the facilities available for the students like the Labs for each subject (Math, Science, Social, Languages, and ICT) and studios (art, craft, music, dance).  He could see a clear picture of hands-on, interactive teaching learning methods which includes the programs like the STEM, DIY, Cambridge communication and theatre studies of the Trinity college ,London. The outdoor learning spaces like the amphitheatre, the Science Park, magic tree arena and Petting zoo marvelled him. His interaction with students and teachers gave him clarity about the Gaudium. He appreciated that the school practices what it preaches and it stands firm on its Mission, Philosophy  including its educational ethos, curriculum, goals , policies and procedures.


Some highlights of the inspection: