The PP1 Geckos have been inquiring into the topic “Shelter” with the Trans disciplinary theme “Where we are in Place and Time”.  We have been unfolding the concepts “Change” and “Causation” through various activities that our geckos are thoroughly enjoying.  IB strongly believes in the idea of “local to global” learning to nurture international mindedness. To further nurture this notion, we had a Guest talk on “Houses around the globe”.

We had a very engaging session by our in-house facilitators Mrs. Rabeena who belongs to Kerala and Mrs. Rai who hails from Mangalore. The geckos got to see amazing pictures and enjoyed listening to the childhood stories of our guests who wonderfully demonstrated the different kinds of houses present in Kerala and Mangalore. Mrs. Rai also shared her experience of living in stilt houses and travelling in boats while she was in Thailand on a recent official learning tour from school. We also had Mrs. Smitha and Mrs.  Aditi, who shared their knowledge about homes in Assam and West Bengal.

The children exclaimed, “how wonderful it would be to play in a sloped roof house in Mangalore in the monsoons while the rain would slide down the roof”. Others were delighted by the thought of travelling in boats to visit their friends who would perhaps live in stilt houses in Thailand after they saw Mrs. Rai’s video. Later the children reflected upon their learning by completing a reflection sheet where we got to see creative illustrations of house boats, stilt houses, sloped roof houses and much more. The geckos were very enthusiastic throughout and confidently responded to various questions by the guests at the end of the session.


Some highlights: