On August 8, 2019, to mark the commencement of the 73rd Independence celebrations, The Gaudium conducted a twin event, History Narration and Dress Like a Leader for the geckos of Grades 6-11 CAIE and CBSE. While the Geckos of Grades 6 to 8 walked the ramp dressed as leaders and revolutionaries from the pages of history, Grades 9-11 participated in a historical narration of events that are still shrouded in the mysteries of time.

When the event, Dress Like a Leader motivated the geckos to wear patriotism on their sleeves by emulating the attire, demeanour and gait of the famous freedom fighters of India, History Narration opened up an arena of interest for the geckos for researching, learning to work as a team and enhancing their narration skills.

This Tribe competition was entirely planned and executed by the Tribe Leaders of the Student Council Members. The jury included Ms. Mythily Balaji, Training and Development Head and Ms. Divya V, Content Writer. The participants left the audience appalled by the sheer strength of their research on the topics chosen by them. The judges, at the end of the show, enumerated that the participants had left them better informed about the unheard historical events, and that indeed was food for thought.

The Tribe, Pegasus won the first place; Griffins, won the second position, and the Sphinx, the third. The tribe, Dragons is worthy of a special mention for maximum participation in the ‘Dress Like a Leader’ show.


Some highlights: