Under the article 343 (1) in our Indian constitution , 14th September is declared as the national language of India.Thus on the international level 14th September is celebrated as “ Hindi language Day”. Hindi is the fifth language spoken widely on our planet.

Student Action:

Hindi Language day was celebrated with various enthusiastic performances by our geckos. In the Assembly, Grade 1 performed poem on “Swar of Hindi” They used flash cards to display Swar . Grade 2 and 3 performed skit on nature. Geckos narrated skit and performed the skit using different properties to showcase their talent. The performance was very colorful and creative. The geckos of other grade enjoyed the skit. Grade 4 and 5 performed street play in the multipurpose hall of the school. The Geckos of grade 4 and 5 explained “The first Aid Remedies”. Geckos performed very enthusiastically and creatively. They shared a very useful information through theatre to other geckos.Grade 6 and 7 recited poem on “ The life of students in school”.The geckos performed in musical tune using guitar.

Learning outcome:

Geckos were allowed to speak in Hindi for whole day on the occasion of Hindi Divas. They gained a lot of knowledge through the performances presented by all geckos.

Facilitator: Preeti Dixit


Highlights of the day: