The Gaudium School has integrated a series of transformative mindfulness sessions into the regular approach, fostering the inner growth and resilience of our PYP students. These sessions have become an integral part of our ethos, dedicated to instilling mindfulness and empowering students with invaluable tools for self-awareness, emotional navigation, and serenity amidst life’s struggles.

Carefully designed to enhance a meaningful journey, every mindfulness session is structured to acquaint students with the art of mindfulness. These sessions not only provide fundamental skills to enhance self-awareness and navigate emotions but also foster a sense of calmness when tackling difficulties. This intentional practice seamlessly aligns with our commitment to mindfulness and well-being.

The mindfulness sessions in Grade 1 are planned to provide students with opportunities to participate in mindful breathing, mindful walking, mindful thinking, self-awareness, and five-sense awareness.

The impact of these sessions on our students has been profound and lasting.  These practices translate into tangible advancements in emotional regulation,  relaxation, and improved concentration levels. Importantly, these regular sessions provide students with essential life skills. They learn to understand and manage their emotions effectively, leading to improved emotional regulation.

Mindfulness equips students with tools to handle stress and challenges. It prepares them to cope with challenges in a healthy and constructive manner. Integration of mindfulness into the educational journey further enhances academic performance as well as nurtures life skills that contribute to the holistic development of each student.