PP and grade 2-5 geckos enthusiastically attended the guest lecture by veterinary doctor Aruna.They made effective use of the Gachi bowli campus petting zoo and had observed the animals anxiously.Geckos acquired enormous knowledge on animals and their appearance. They gained knowledge on different characteristics of animals, diseases caused by different animals and how to hold animals .Geckos also acquired vast knowledge on precautions to be taken to have a pet in your possession. Dr. Aruna shared on kinds of animal diseases that can be transmitted to human. She focused on importance of hand wash with soap after touching pets or any animal. Dr.Aruna mentioned about different vaccinations of animals that eventually helps to prevent humans from diseases. Geckos understood and even shared their opinion about different animals and their gestures. . They learnt how to identify sick animals. The guest contrived the lecture in a intriguing way which helped children absorb maximal information on animals and their treatment. There was a keen discussion on precautions to be taken for absolute hygiene.End of the session curios geckos enthusiastically came up with various queries. They got anwers to all their questions and thus they became more knowledgable and responsible towards handling animals.The guest talk was very informative andencouraged the geckos to be gentle, loving and caring to animals.

Speaker: Dr. Aruna


Some highlights from the talk: