Nursery geckos were very excited to attend Guest talk event as Miss Eva Gomes accompanied her pet fish in an aquarium in their classroom.Nursery geckos were educated on water animals and different categories of water animals. Miss Eva fed her fish with fish food and dried worms. Geckos learnt how the fishes are fed and what precautionary measures need to be taken while feeding fishes of aqurium. She shared different ways of grooming a pet. She emphasized on hygiene and health of pets. It was a knowledge sharing talk which was very interactive and resulted in intense learning. Nursery geckos discussed on love and affection with pet animals as they can be our companions. Few of the geckos have a pet at home and so they shared their behaviour, eating habits and how they are groomed.End of the session, geckos fed fishes brought by the guest and enjoyed the activity.

Speaker: Ms. Eva Gomes


Highlights from the event: