Each right implies a responsibility .To know one’s own rights itself is a responsibility. Ignorance is not an excuse to be aloof from performing his/her duties towards the nation ,society ,family as a human being and as a citizen.We are curious to see how our grade 3 geckos will evolve after the 3 Unit Of Inquiry, Rights and Responsibilities , quiet a serious subject. As part of Tuning In,Geckos got an inspiring lecture on basic rights and responsibilities given by Miss.Sujatha Bahot,Project Officer of Model Villages .Guest speaker held the session in a more interactive way which was easily understood by the geckos .They have seen some slides and came to know about the basic human rights.They have got a better understanding of the living condition of those who are deprived of the minimum human rights residing in their own locality.

Facilitator: Ms. Sujatha Bahot


Some key frames: