On Wednesday, 28 August 2019, the geckos of Grade 4 invited Ms. Kiran Singh, PYP Coordinator for a guest talk on Role Models. Ms. Kiran shared her definition of a role model and who her role model is. This was an opportunity for the geckos to understand the importance of making a positive choice.

‘The role model’ is a concept of interest and curiosity for school going children. In fact, it is at that age, children select famous people from different fields of work, as their role models. Their selection may include their parents or favourite sport persons, teachers, celebrities or entertainers or storybook characters!

Children try to copy slavishly their role models. Their role models influence their behaviour, body language, talk, conduct, attitude, etc. For children, seeing is believing and doing. As their selection is made based more on what their role model appears or seemed to them, there are chances that they end up selecting people who have more negative traits than positive. Here comes the role of teachers and the guest talks on ‘Role Model’. Since role models influence children, we need to rest assure that their choice is positive and inspiring. The qualities of their role models children should look up to and emulate for their professional and personal growth and wellbeing.

The objective of the guest talk by Ms Kiran was to encourage the geckos identify positive and appropriate role models who can inspire us to reach the heights of personal and professional happiness and fulfillment.

Towards the end of the talk, the geckos were shown a video on the Forest Man of India. The geckos spoke about their role models and shared their views about how role models influence them.

The guest talk By Ms Kiran Singh was inspiring for the geckos as it gave them guidance on selecting a positive role model.


Some highlights: