The Gaudium School organized a virtual guest talk for the geckos of Grades 6-8 of the CBSE and CAIE curriculum under its segment of Talking Titans, which is an initiative to inspire the geckos to constantly strive for excellence. Young gun Saahit Kambham addressed the audience in this initiative to motivate the geckos by bringing to the fore encouraging tales of success. A former IBDP student, he is presently pursuing a graduate degree in North Carolina State University with a major in Business Administration, concentrating in Finance. He is also an accomplished drummer and a basketball enthusiast which adds further feathers to his hat.

Eloquent and amiable in his manners, he has clearly outlined how the habits developed at the school level stand with the students’ good stead while seeking admissions in their dream university. While hard work promotes the tenacity to carry on despite odds, smart work boosts confidence and provides an edge over the others. His first-hand insight into the importance of networking to enhance knowledge beyond the pages of the textbooks and boundaries of the classroom was a prime takeaway for the geckos listening to him in the session. Furthermore, the factors which govern the choice of a student’s future University was covered during the session which would definitely lead the students to mull over them. On the whole, the entire session was a very practical-minded and thought-provoking discourse on building ground rules for personal success.

Master Saahit Kambham’s tale of achievement and the inspirational journey took the students of Gaudium on a motivated route instilling them all to rise above distractions, hone skills, nurture consistency and conquer procrastination. Being a very young person himself, it was very appealing to the youth, the young students of Grades 6 to 8 to listen and get inspired from his stance of success.


Some highlights: