At The Gaudium School, we believe in fostering holistic development by allowing students to make transdisciplinary connections between various subjects to create meaningful learning experiences. The “Exploring Language and Math Through Navigation” learning engagement was designed to provide the students of Grade 5 with a unique opportunity to connect their Language and Math skills while participating in relevant and challenging engagements.

In this learning engagement, students embarked on an exciting journey of discovery as they used maps, compasses, and strategic thinking to search for a hidden “word of the week” that was scrambled on the board. The challenge began with rearranging jumbled letters to unveil the target word. Then, working in groups, students followed directions on specially crafted maps to locate the true path leading to the hidden clue.

This task served as a dynamic platform for students to apply their classroom knowledge in a real-world context. As they navigated through the challenges, they collaborated, building on their problem-solving, and navigation skills. Overcoming challenges and finding the hidden clue demonstrated their understanding of connecting the English Language to the language of Math, illustrating how subjects are taught in connections rather than in compartments.

At The Gaudium School, our educational philosophy at the PYP emphasizes the transdisciplinary connections between and among subjects to provide a comprehensive learning experience. This learning engagement aligned seamlessly with our pillar of holistic excellence, fostering critical thinking and creativity.

To nurture and enhance students’ experiences using real life situations as well as giving them the opportunities to build their knowledge as well as understanding of concepts using vocabulary around them, clearly ensures us that our students are on the path of becoming lifelong learners.