As a part of DIY activity, Geckos of all grades very creatively and enthusiastically moulded clay Ganesha on account of Ganesh Chaturthi.They made Ganesha in different forms using two different types of clay. The unique feature of this year’s  Ganesha was many of them were made out of red clay and Spinach seeds put in it. Geckos were guided for the process of immersion for these red clay special Ganesha. They spread the message of eco friendly , organic Ganesha to their family and friends. Geckos put a stall of “Ganesh Idol Sale” in their campus and showed their respect, love and care towards nature and learning.The donation collected from the sale was further used for the charity purpose.

Facilitator: Mr. Sahoo (Art & Craft Faculty)


Some delightful moments: