The Geckos of grade 3 took a step ahead in their inquiry of ‘Child and Human Rights’ by paying a visit to a village in order to understand the working of educational institutions in the rural areas. They wanted to find out if/how the child and human rights were being hampered and what could possibly be done about it. The interacted with the students of the village school and were amused and surprised when they could converse in English. The Geckos interviewed the students and listed out the many pros and cons of education and overall living in a rural environment. They observed that the school lacked the facilities like clean toilets, well equipped classrooms and regular classes and that the lack of these facilities didn’t really affect the enthusiasm of the children to learn and study. The Geckos also listed out some of the advantages such as the open space and wanted to spend more time in the calm and rustic surroundings. They concluded the trip by taking a round of the village and noting down whatever intrigued them. Overall, it was an effective learning experience.

Facilitators: Mrs. Sujatha & Home Room Teachers


Some highlights of the visit: