On 20th February the geckos of Grade 5 went on a field trip to National Institute of Nutrition. This field trip was organized as the geckos are learning about Nutrition. It was so apt to go to NIN and learn about nutrition research. The geckos were shown a documentary on the journey of NIN and how it has attained global recognition for its pioneering studies on various aspects of nutrition research.The geckos also got a chance to visit the museum. The museum was a repository of information on various topics related to health and nutrition. A guest talk was given by Scientist Dr M. Maheshwar on the importance of balanced diet which was followed by an interactive session where the geckos got a chance ask questions related to their inquiry. This trip was indeed a learning experience for the geckos.

Facilitators: Mrs. Jennifer and NIN Scientist Dr M. Maheshwar


Some highlights: