There was excitement and gaiety in the air, the spirits were high and there was bounce in every footstep…Yes, it was the Farmers’ Market Day on October 29, 2022! A traditional feature of The Gaudium family that year on year has not only fostered creative imagination in our students, but also upheld the core value of gratitude. Nurturing the innate human dreams of creating masterpieces, carefully nestled in the laps of compassion, the Farmers’ Market has never failed to promote solidarity in The Gaudium community.  Replete with exquisite handmade art and craft works, all made by the students and teachers, this year’s event truly manifested the concept of being ‘creatively inclined for a cause’.  The fun and amusement was topnotch at the games, live music, dance and street play stations. The food & drinks and vegetables & fruits, all of which were freshly plucked from the nearby farms, indeed increased the enjoyment quotient and with every passing hour the excitement doubled. Also worthy of mention are the football matches that enlivened the atmosphere further and resurfaced the ever so vibrant sportsmanship spirit of The Gaudium fraternity. Amidst loud cheering and bated breaths of anticipation for the teams they were supporting, the audience were treated to an extraordinary spectacle of football extravaganza. Most importantly the infinite joys of togetherness, warm laughter and meaningful conversations was an unmissable opportunity to create a bag full of happy memories .  A charity-run show, wherein funds raised from the event were donated to the farmers in the vicinity and to support a government school in Borabatla village, was our way of answering the call of our conscience.


Some highlights: