The Geckos of grade 4 had an exciting journey into the melodious world of poetry with a guest lecture on Critical Appreciation of poems. The session started with a question about what the Geckos enjoyed more: story or a song. They unanimously said they enjoyed songs. It was explained to them that songs, which are all poems, are more attractive because unlike a story, the poem can change its meaning and mood based on who the reader/listener is and that there is no‘ture’ or ‘original’ meaning of a poem. They were then taught how to write a critical appreciation of a poem by taking the good old ‘Twinkle Twinkle Little Star’ as an example. The various meanings of ‘stars’ from constellations to the more abstract concept of ‘tiny specks of hope’were discussed. Concepts like stanza, line, rhyme, rhythm and theme were also briefly mentioned.

Facilitator: Mrs. Reshma


Some moments: