Our students embarked on a transformative experience at TGS MUN 2023. From mastering the art of Model United Nations to embodying the spirit of global leadership, our students are ready to make their mark on the world.

Under the guidance of Mr. Jacob Kelly, an esteemed Model UN instructor and auditor affiliated with Alma College, the TGS MUN Training commenced on August 28th, Monday. During this 4-day training session, students were immersed in a comprehensive exploration of Model UN history, leadership insights, and the vital role played by the United Nations. Participants delved into the importance of crafting position papers, refined their Model UN speech and presentation abilities, and embarked on journeys of discovery regarding potential career avenues.

The Second edition of the TGS MUN Commencement, held on September 1st, served as a momentous celebration of the participants’ personal and collective development. The proceedings commenced with a ceremonial lamp lighting, graced by distinguished guests that included Founder & Director Ms.Kirthi Reddy and CEO Mr. Ramakrishna Reddy, Head of Middle and High School Ms Sudeshna Chatterjee, Following this, our talented students enthralled the audience with a captivating classical dance performance. Additionally, all the important committees of TGS MUN were recognized and presented with bouquets as a token of appreciation.

Students are now equipped with diplomacy, public speaking, and problem-solving skills, setting them on a path to success. They’re ready to take on the world’s challenges as confident, responsible global citizens.

This activity perfectly aligns with The Gaudium School’s commitment to its philosophy of Global Leadership, which is rooted in the five pillars. It is dedicated to fostering well-rounded individuals who not only excel academically but also demonstrate exceptional leadership skills and critical thinking abilities. Indeed, our students stand as living embodiments of these guiding principles.