We are living in an era during which multiple intelligence is the major attribute everyone one is vying for. Be it adults, teenagers or even children for that matter are judged, grouped and dealt with differently on the basis of various intelligences they might possess. The human race has gone far beyond in classifying intelligence into a broad spectrum which includes naturalist, linguistic, mathematical and logical, interpersonal, spatial, intra personal, artistic, kinaesthetic intelligences. Among these one of the most undermined intelligence is emotional intelligence which is a major part of inter and intra personal intelligence.

Emotional intelligence is the ability to identify, deal with and express our emotions. It not only helps us to foster our interpersonal relationships judiciously but also helps us to act empathetically.  Children today require being well equipped with this intelligence because it is a major cause of low self esteem and high levels of anxiety which impacts their productivity and learning.

Open mindedness is the key to learning, to help the child imbibe this Profile, it is important for them to be emotionally sound and comfortable. This is possible when a child is “self aware” of his/her emotions. It requires the adults around the child, which includes parents and teachers to acknowledge these emotions and let the child know that it is important to express them. That is when they learn to “self regulate” their behaviour on the basis of these emotions which again is a huge responsibility of the adults around the children. The best way to teach them to “self regulate” their behaviour, is practising the same ourselves and “teach by example”. Once they are able to achieve this, they feel “self motivated” and imbibe a very high level of self confidence which opens up their mind and heart to learning without having the feeling of “being judged”. It teaches them to be “empathetic” because they understand not only their feelings, but give the same importance to other’s feelings too. And this is not a difficult thing to nurture in children especially because of the pure, innocent, and hatred free hearts that they possess.

Our society is thronged by technological hazards like “Blue Whale” game, drug addictions all of these at school level. Lack of Emotional intelligence is a major cause. We adults need to act responsibly so as to enable our children to be emotionally intelligent so that they grow up to be more social and responsible human beings who would contribute productively in building a peaceful society.