This week, MYP students are excited and have dedicated their time and effort preparing for the upcoming Student Led conference event. Most of the activities planned for this event are planned and led by our student leaders. Each MYP student is emerging as a leader and taking responsibility for their learning process and diligently working towards showcasing their learning to their parents and other stakeholders. Working for this event enabled students to be reflective thinkers, as the students reflected on their learning journey so far. This event will certainly provide our students with the skills to become responsible leaders of tomorrow.  At Gaudium, we provide students with various platforms and avenues, to build a strong leadership portfolio, which will enable them to be strong leaders of tomorrow. Our students will grow up as responsible citizens who will care and nurture their communities.

To showcase the understanding of Math concepts during SLC, the students worked on a Math project which involved them incorporating various mathematical concepts to investigate a global scenario “Carbon Footprint on the environment” that humans are causing to the environment. Through this approach, the students of MYP1 used measurement, data, and fraction concepts to develop, implement, and monitor an action plan for reducing their family’s impact on the environment. The data represented in the form of graphs was collected through a survey from their family members. This visual representation helped them to visually recognise the improvement areas and bring awareness of this Global issue.  Each student focused on using household resources as responsible individuals and worked towards bringing a change to our environment.

Student Reflection:

Ahaan, MYP1A – The project is a serious concern because I got to know about how we are destroying our own planet in so many ways. I also got to learn about carbon footprints and what it is. I even got to know how my family members are polluting or releasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere through the survey and investigation.

Shaurya, MYP1B – In this topic, I learned about carbon footprints, calculated my carbon footprint which is 1210 and my family’s too. What I learned about carbon footprint is that it is an issue polluting our planet with carbon dioxide (CO2) and it is harmful to Earth and all organisms on Earth. I also learned some solutions to stop this issue, they are: save and plant more trees and use public transportation instead of your car or bike while travelling to nearby places. Also, try to carpool instead of travelling alone in a car to the same place.