On Monday, the 21st of August, The Gaudium School buzzed with energy and enthusiasm as we successfully concluded the Student Council Leadership Training Camp. Guided by the remarkable Capt. Mohit Tomar, this exceptional event was designed for the students chosen to be part of the student council. It brought them together on a journey of personal and professional growth, leaving an indelible mark on their paths towards leadership.

Capt. Tomar’s credentials as a Leadership Trainer, Mountaineer, Entrepreneur, and Author set the tone for an exceptional experience. His extensive background, including military service and IIM education, provided the perfect backdrop for guiding our students towards realizing their leadership potential.

The essence of the camp was captured in Capt. Tomar’s emphasis on the 4 C’s of Leadership: Critical Thinking, Creativity, Collaboration, and Communication. Through engaging team-building activities like the caterpillar walk, Helium Stick, and Toxic Waste challenge, students gained experience of the significance of these skills in effective leadership. Working collaboratively, thinking critically, and communicating efficiently emerged as the cornerstones of successful leadership.

The camp began with the formation of student groups, each comprising of five participants. This structure encouraged peer learning, cooperative problem-solving, and a sense of unity among the students. As they brainstormed solutions to challenges together, they not only honed their critical thinking abilities but also learned the art of effective collaboration.

Up on culmination of the event, students were awarded certificates, symbolizing their dedication and growth during this transformative journey. They left the event with a renewed sense of self-belief and a toolkit of leadership skills that will serve them well in their academic and personal pursuits.

The accomplishment of the Student Council Leadership Training Camp mirrors The Gaudium School’s dedication to comprehensive education and the cultivation of individuals with a broad set of skills and qualities. Among the five developmental pillars of The Gaudium’s philosophy, this session particularly aligned with the pillar of global leadership.

We are proud to have provided our students with the opportunity to learn from Capt. Mohit Tomar and equip themselves with skills that extend beyond the classroom, shaping them into future leaders who can confidently face any challenge that comes their way.