Firstly a heartfelt thanks to our principal and coordinator for arranging such an amazing workshop on Graphical Display Calculator. That workshop was an eyeopener to all of us. We had Jimmy sir from Singapore who presented Texas latest model “TI Nspire CX Non CAS”. I felt it was more complicated than computers. May be because it was my first experience using them manually. Coming to its usage, I think we learnt the usage of GDC in Physics, Mathematics, Economics and Chemistry. We learnt Calculus Algebra and Graphs too. Apart from this, we had fun talking and understanding things. To be more specific, we learnt a,b,c,d of it like small kids.

I could experience that smile on my face when I solved a difficult question easily with the help of it. And as usual we did face difficulties in using it, I felt handicapped and dependent because I didn’t know anything but still it’s a matter of few days, I think in a couple of months I will be perfect and comfortable with it. I think the three-hour session has given a lot of information indeed. So, it was a wonderful workshop with knowledge and fun twisted in a bun.




Some highlights: