A donation is a gift given by physical or legal persons, typically for charitable purposes and/or to benefit a cause. A donation may take various forms, including cash offering, services, new or used goods including clothing, toys, food, and vehicles. Donation is something (such as, food, clothes, etc.) that you give in order to help a person or organization. Geckos are learning about 3Rs . Gaudium has organised a donation drive to reinstate the need for 3rs. Geckos very enthusiastically donated their outgrown clothes, toys and books.Geckos were elated by the donation drive for reusable things like old clothes and toys for needy people. They were able to make connection with their learning of 3rs . They understood that things can be reused and that way we can minimise the waste. They emphasised on the waste management and reflected their learning by generously donating their things.

Facilitators: Home Room Teachers


Some key highlights: