While learning the unit “Civilizations and Human Interactions” in MYP, students discovered a range of number systems that have arisen as civilizations have evolved and humans interacted with systems. This unit enabled students to explore the orientation in time and space as Global context which helped them to understand and reflect on these discoveries from time to time. Students learnt about the numbers and their properties, they also explored how to perform operations with them. This unit made students realize how important numbers are and their contribution history from time to time. It is important to use these concepts in real-life scenarios as well, to enable students to establish these connections. We provide them with platforms to explore these concepts through a lot of familiar and unfamiliar instances.

The transition of moving from familiar to unfamiliar situations gives an opportunity to think like historians, mathematicians, and explorers. This gives the students an opportunity to present their information in a variety of formats and platforms. One of the platforms is assessments.

The students were assessed by Communicating their understanding of what they know and how to use appropriate mathematical language in different forms of Number system civilizations. They researched the advantages and disadvantages, and its usage in the present and historical scenarios by creating timelines for various Number Systems. The unit culminated with students comparing various International Number systems. Different ICT tools were used to assess this task. This assignment has helped students to connect their understanding of Number systems with real life situations. International mindedness attitude was developed by the students. They acquired a sense of respect and valued other communities due to the exposure of various cultures across the globe. Students reflected that the world is a larger community and we need to respect and understand other perspectives, cultures. These attributes of International mindedness will provide students with an ability to engage globally and value intercultural understanding.