Internet use among kids is rapidly growing every hour.  Kids all over the world access internet 24/7 for a wide variety of reasons from entertainment to education. It gives them a vast opportunity to gain  knowledge, information,connection to people, places etc. With such a wide array of advantages they become vulnerable targets and blind sided to the illegal activities and crimes committed on internet.

Objective: In the best interest of our kids,  we at Gaudium organized the Cyber Day to advocate our students on the pros and cons of cyber communication. We provoked an interactive bidirectional conversation with our older grades (4 to 7) to assess their prior knowledge on terms associated with internet use and cyber communication. The ICT teacher Mrs. Rai gave a presentation to define cybercrime where the computer is used as weapon to issue cyber threats, malware /malicious spams (virus, trojan), illegal imports, Hacking:-stealing data and information, cyber bullying and many more words of concern that are involved in the cyber world.

Student Learning and Actions: Students were aware of cyber crimes and identified several issues and misuses of internet. Kids from all grades (2 to 7) brainstormed cyber safety strategies and compiled a  list of online safety measures. They learnt how to defend against cyber related attacks by protecting their identity, not sharing their e-mail id,  not posting pics or videos on social networks, pick complicated passwords and to browse safe websites. Geckos were suggested to use strong Antivirus software / Firewall to prevent hacking and virus attack of their computer systems. Younger students ( Grade 1 to 3) were asked to refrain from downloading gaming apps and to use internet under parental guidance and supervision.


Some moments from the day: