Going to school and adjusting to new rules and regulations and new faces is very difficult for a kindergarten child. Making little ones comfortable in a new environment is not only difficult for a child and for parents, but also challenging for school teachers and staff. Nowadays, school teachers are not just restricted to teaching. They also need to be a facilitator, mentor, and guide.

A caring adult is very important for a child, especially to make them feel welcome and comfortable in the classroom.  Warmth, understanding, and a caring climate, with personal interaction and guidance, always increase the bonding between a child and mentor. It is the facilitator’s responsibility to always ensure that the classroom climate is such that every child feels a sense of belongingness, assurance and positivity.

Other than the classroom climate, the activities that a child is engaged in also play an important role. Providing ample of opportunities to explore, freely move around in the classroom, and connect with other children always helps a child to take one step forward out from his or her comfort zone and ultimately motivates a child to learn.