“Change your words-Change your mind-set” – I happened to read this somewhere in one of the class boards and since then it’s stuck in my mind.

Traditional education systems had lesser scope for students to learn at their own pace. But now, times have changed, with integration of technology children can explore different ways of learning the concepts. Moreover, they can even learn beyond the topics done in class. It brings hands on learning environment and is more engaging.

We all know that technology has become the primary part of every industry, we practically live in the world of technology. It’s much more than just learning some basic computer skills. One never knows what the next generation is going to create or will be exposed to. The world is heading towards virtual environment. They may not be required to be present physically to communicate with global teams around the geography. We have begun to see designations like digital marketing head, software engineers which were not existing initially.

Students should get an exposure to such technology and understand the importance of its usage from an early age, which is when they will be aware of the responsibility towards it.

Students who utilise the technology smartly and responsibly stand a better chance to succeed in today’s world. Each day there’s a new application developed so, let’s dig deeper into the complexity rather than running away from it.

It’s a mind-set, we think ‘Oh! This is harmful. It will spoil your eyes’, but we need to understand the purpose and usage, to benefit from the technological advancements. We never knew that a Newspaper could be digital, or telephones could be replaced with mobile phones and now smartphones. We are always apprehensive to change however; we have to experience it to believe it. Let’s be open-minded and not tag ourselves as ‘I am not a tech savvy’. Let our children learn it and make the best use of it and become digital citizens of tomorrow.

It’s up to you. Change is inevitable. Either you accept and change now, or be a part of slow change.