The Gaudium School celebrated Children’s Day virtually with great grandeur and extravaganza. Being preponed due to the Diwali holidays, the highly anticipated event was celebrated on 12th November 2020.

The show was hosted by high school teachers Ms Rama Devi Nunna and Ms Sushmita Mishra who touched the hearts of the audience inciting what marvel children are, and how immensely fortunate the world is- to have children in them. On the occasion of celebrating this untainted bliss of childhood, they saluted the spirit of children with this dazzling programme. The virtual event started off with the melodious rendition of the Gaudium School song.

The geckos were enthralled to see their favourite teachers of dance, music, art, and subject teachers performing exquisitely and splendidly for them. From mesmerizing classical dance performances, melodious songs, pulsating musical performances on the piano and violin, to transferring them from the muggle world to the enchanted world of wizardry through a fusion of classical dance and funky music, and group dance performances, it was a celebration to remember. Mr Prithvi Sinha- HOD English also recited a poem which struck a chord of emotions. A montage created for the occasion by Mr Sahoo- HOD – Arts took everyone on a trip down memory lane, where one would reminisce the grand celebrations of yesteryears in our school campus, the excitement and the joy clearly visible on each and every child’s face to the present-day pictures of our school campus- empty and clearly awaiting the return of children in the grounds, in the arena, in the classrooms. The experience was soul-stirring nonetheless showcased how, at Gaudium, no stones are left unturned to make sure that every celebration happens grandly no matter if it is virtual for now. The beautiful event came to close after an hour-long cultural extravaganza with the newly elected Cultural Captain of the school Ms Bhavna Kamuri proposing the vote of thanks.

The celebration set new benchmarks as it was a spectacular Children’s day event albeit virtual. It was a splendid platform for the students of The Gaudium to sit back, enjoy and connect with their teachers at an intricate and deeper level. Seeing the teachers displaying their talents, putting up an extraordinary programme only for them meant a lot and made their bond only stronger!


Some pics: