The cruciality of high school students getting proper, timely support and counsel on their future career path is imperative as it forms the base of decision making which builds their career ahead. At the Gaudium, we believe that it is very important to start career planning from a young age as it guides the students in the right direction. To help the students in the university selection process a career session was organized with Arizona State University.

ASU has five campuses, and they offer more than 800-degree programs, both at the undergraduate and graduate levels. According to US News and World Report, ASU stands at #1 for innovation.

Mr. Miles Compos – Director of Recruitment and Applicant Success, Arizona State University  who has many years of experience working in international initiatives at ASU as well as in managing international education programs for the US government. He visited our campus and conversed with the students about the majors that the university offers along with the entry requirements. He also gave the students some advice on writing the SOPs, which is one of the important criteria that will be reviewed to make the admissions applications stand out.

The students were very happy as they got clear answers to all the questions, and the session ended with a vote of thanks.

Key highlights: