At the Gaudium, we believe that it is very important to start career planning from a young age as it guides the students in the right direction. Keeping this in mind, a Career Session was organized on 6th February 2020 by Ms. Mahitha Sammeta, the school Career Counselor along with two eminent guest speakers- Mr. Kunal Mehra and Ms. Rubina Singh in the Multi-Purpose Hall in school campus for the geckos of Grade 9 to 11 and their parents.

Mr Kunal Mehra is the College Board Representative, Outreach & Marketing – South and Central Asia who conducted the first workshop for the geckos of Grades 9- 11 and their parents. The workshop was highly beneficial as it helped the geckos to understand the importance of PSAT, SAT and Advanced Placement exams conducted by the college board. It started with Mr. Kunal Mehra discussing the pattern of the PSAT exam and its importance. The geckos came to know about the use of SAT in the admission process, both for Foreign as well as Indian Universities. The session being interactive, the geckos and the parents also asked questions and cleared their doubts. He further discussed on how the students can perform well on the SAT and gave a brief overview of the college application process and what matters most to the admission committees while evaluating student applications. Discussions took place on the acceptance of SAT by the Indian Universities and he also briefed about the Advanced Placements exams present and their importance. The parents and the geckos were happy to have their queries answered.

The next session was conducted by Ms. Rubina Singh, Assistant Director, Office of Outreach who is also a representative of Ashoka University. In the workshop, she focused on the importance of Liberal Arts and Science education and spoke about the courses and admission requirements of Ashoka University. A clear articulation of current trends in the industry hiring was shown to the audience. The geckos got a clear picture about Liberal Arts and Science and their options along with Ashoka university programs and their selection process. The session was concluded with a vote of thanks.


Few highlights: