Kokuyo Camlin a leading manufacturer of art and colour stationery products in India. The Camel company conducts the World’s largest art competition every year to bring out the creative artistic nature of children around the globe. It is one of the largest art competition with one crore participants from all age groups. The judgment of the contest is unbiased since it goes through a public online voting process. The winner gets the grand trophy and prize money.

Objective: The company started the competitive activities in early seventies to promote and nurture the innovative and creative expressivity of children.

Campus participation: Mr. Sahoo our art facilitator has conducted this contest at Gaudium for all Geckos from Grade PP to 7 on the theme “Beauty of the Nature”. Students were encouraged to draw anything they wish keeping the theme in mind.

Learning outcomes: The students gave their best short at the contest. Several students could express and connect with the theme and  came up with very good art work. Ultimate goal was to bring out the hidden talent and meet the objective to nurture and express art.

Facilitators:Mr. Debendra Sahoo


Some moments from the event: