Collaborations and participations know no boundaries. This was explicitly displayed in the session hosted by The Gaudium School in collaboration with Japan Foundation, New Delhi to facilitate our Geckos in their pursuit to be a global citizen. The 2-hour workshop detailed on the Japan Foundation, New Delhi, the art of Origami as well as on Japanese Script and different online learning tools for the students.

The boundaries caused by language and geography dissipated in no time with students eagerly participating in the Online Swagatam programme. The Geckos had a great tour of Japan with an enchanting quiz which covered topics from the geographical location of Japan to the mannerism of Japanese students.

The session’s highlight was Ms. Mami Imato, the origami teacher’s session, who gave step by step instruction and demonstration of making a Kabuto, traditional Japanese armour worn by the Samurai class and their retainers in feudal Japan. A detailed video on the Samurai and Bushidō -the set of codes of honour and ideals that dictated the samurai way of life was shown to the kids. Crispy tips on learning Japanese speedily and effortlessly were shared by the mentors.

Mr. Ashish Sharma, the Emcee for the event concluded the session with a warm expression of appreciation for a productive and rewarding virtual session.


Some pics: