About Divya Valiyaveettil

A teacher by chance, Ms. Divya Valiyaveettil, an MA, B.Ed. in English Language and Literature, was fortunate to serve different organisations as a secondary English teacher for more than a decade. Brim full of enthusiasm and energy, friendly, passionate about teaching and learned are some of the adjectives her students fondly describe her with. She has another 10 years of recent professional experience, with reputed organizations, in varied pivotal roles: Academic Editor; Curriculum Developer; and Voice and Accent Trainer, which she believes, she was provided with only because she kept her passion for English language alive and high. According to her, humility and openness to continuous learning create an effective teacher. For her ex-students, she is family. To impress her, one should have good language skills; and the one who has it, she admires. She was conferred on The Best Teacher Award and The Best Voice Trainer in her career.