The morning assembly at school is a congregation of the school community, a platform to express and exchange ideas directed towards achieving our vision. During the online classes, the virtual morning assemblies on Wednesday’s are ushering endless possibilities of starting the day with mindful breathing exercises to put the body and mind at ease. Aligned with the core value of ‘Respect’, today’s assembly theme was “Building your Self-Esteem’. In a TedX video presentation student listened to the speaker’s journey of realizing her self-worth and life-changing moments of her journey from a child steeped in self-doubts to a self-assured woman. The ultimate moral was; your ability to respect others is directly proportional to your potential for self-respect.

In a later activity, students reflected and jotted down virtues that make them feel proud about themselves. Quite understandably, it was difficult at the beginning, but the learners finally managed to write it down and were glad to share it with their friends.  I firmly believe the time spent on introspection during the assembly hour goes a long way in shaping the character of the young learners and we are taking a plunge in the right direction.


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