The geckos of grade 3 B conducted the PYP assembly on Friday, 22nd November 2019. Prajjwal Gangavatikar conducted the assembly, which started with the school prayer song- “Where the mind is without fear”. The thought for the day was presented by Daksh Raj- “Don’t believe in your luck, believe in your hard work. The local, international and sports news were shared by Saanvi Arzare, Ojas Agrawal and Anirudh respectively.

The students presented a skit on “different layers of atmosphere”. They shared information about the five different layers of atmosphere and the importance of Ozone layer in protecting us from the harmful ultraviolet rays from the Sun. Idha Dhar shared some amazing facts about Earth. The choir group – Idha, Saanvi, Anirudh, Prajjwal, Tarun and Aarav sang the song “Heal The world”.

Our head of sports , Mr. Shiv  concluded the assembly by sharing the importance of sports in student life.


Some highlights: