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What are Learning Strategies?

We have heard of curriculum. We have heard of Pedagogy. But what are learning strategies? At The Gaudium the emphasis on the child is on being happy and joyful in the process of learning – learning that touches all the senses. To be able to do this requires that the child is involved and excited about the possibilities that he/she sees in what lies ahead in the learning graph. Learning is not just about imbibing subjects or understanding concepts. It is the ability to be able to apply those learnings to real life situations.

This consequently also means the learning is not limited to what we term the ‘regular subjects’. They could reach into culture, values and personality building. One aspect of life has a deep impact on another. Building a culture of learning is as important as learning itself – meaning how to enjoy ‘to learn’ is as important as learning itself. Or the fact that there are right and wrong ways to learn something – learning the right thing but in the wrong way is also detrimental to learning as it lays the foundation for lifelong strategies of learning.

Learning Strategies at The Gaudium refer to how all this is integrated into teaching. It is not just about subjects but also about how the students learn, in what ways it impacts them and how do they develop the culture of learning.

At the outset, The Gaudium has the proprietary Happy Minds Model which, as the name suggests, focuses on the children being Happy & Joyful. This model encompasses all that The Gaudium stands for and guides the way of life at the school. It is based on the Five Fundamental Pillars for the school that includes Core Values, Holistic Excellence, Global Leadership, Stakeholder Engagement, and Mindfulness & Well-being.