About The Gaudium

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The Gaudium School is a K12 co-educational International School established in 2015 offering world-class educational opportunities, which in turn facilitates holistic excellence and unlocking of each child’s potential through joyful learning.

The school takes its name from the Latin word ‘GAUDIUM’ that stands for ‘joy’.

The Gaudium stands tall on 27 acres of lush green, eco-friendly and sustainable campus with state-of-the-art educational, sports and arts infrastructure and facilities. The school believes in fostering energy efficiency goal, which reduces our carbon footprint supported by solar energy, an effluent treatment plant, water recharging bodies, rain water harvesting units and organic waste recycling. The elements of natural environment, like the boulders and waterbodies present in the school setting helps in providing unique learning experiences as well as an opportunity to stay connected with nature.  The learning experience in the scenic and serene natural environment replete with boulders and waterbodies provide unique opportunities to the students to be in sync with Nature flora and fauna

Our logo stands for a fluttering victory flag. It represents a child’s triumph over challenges and victory of attaining true happiness while pursuing knowledge. The hues of the flag represents the 4 key traits that pave the way for victory.
Red signifies passion
Blue signifies freedom
Gold signifies excellence
While signifies purity

The Gaudium School is affiliated and authorised to offer the following:

  • IB Primary Years Programme
  • IB Middle Years Programme (A candidate School)
  • IB Diploma Programme
  • Central Board of Secondary Education
  • Cambridge Assessment International Examnation