Our core curriculum is an international, integrated and thematic programme through which students study their world as independent and interdependent investigators – and this makes us the Top International School in Hyderabad. Ours will be a rigorous educational programme based on skills, attitudes, concepts, knowledge and action. The Gaudium offers IB PYP curriculum from Nursery to Grade 5. It offers a choice between CI, IBMYP* & CBSE in Grades 6-10 and CBSE & IBDP from Grades 11-12.



Pedagogy is often confused with curriculum. The latter defines what is being taught, while pedagogy actually refers to the method in how we teach—the theory and practice of educating. Pedagogy is the relationship between learning techniques and culture, and is determined based on an educator’s beliefs about how learning should, and does, take place. Irrespective of Curriculum, Pedagogy at The Gaudium is unique to say the least making us the Top International School in Hyderabad!



As students shift from the skills emphasis of elementary grades to the content emphasis of secondary grades, they face greater demands to read information from textbooks, take notes from lectures, work independently, and express understanding in written compositions and on paper and pencil tests. As opposed to Pegagogy, a Learning Strategy is how to make both – teaching and learning – be extremely effective for all concerned.