The only international school in Hyderabad to have a petting zoo on campus!


International School In Hyderabad

What makes an international school in Hyderabad an international school? The orientation that creates the ability in children to recognize, realize and reciprocate to the others in the environment. It is not just to other human beings but nature as a whole. The concept of a petting zoo might seem like a hobby or a ‘cute’ thing. However it is very important to inculcate in children that they are one with the nature. Read more on the facilities in The Gaudium.


Creating Value Adding Education

Is education merely to impart knowledge? Or should it also show how to apply that knowledge? Why we as parents are just focused on mindless test-scores? Why cannot we move to a more meaningful method of evaluation? Can a child be taught to recognise and create value in everything it does? The Gaudium, an international school in Hyderabad, has been established to answer these and more questions. Know more about The Gaudium here.


First of its kind Teaching & Learning Program

The Gaudium has the distinction of being the first international school in Hyderabad to introduce STEM. It is a hands-on, integrated learning program popular in the USA, UK and East Asia. Broadly activities can be called as Scholastic and Non-Scholastic Activities. The Gaudium lays equal emphasis on both kinds of activities. Click here to know more about STEM.

The only international school in Hyderabad to have an interactive science park.

Choice of Curriculum – again a first in an international school in Hyderabad

The teachers at The Gaudium understand the need to develop the gross motor, psychomotor and fine motor skills in pre-schoolers. They encourage children to interact with peers. They are taught to express themselves through play and communication. This is a feature no other international school in Hyderabad offers.

Our Primary School curriculum relies on the IB-PYP (Primary Years Program) and CBSE programs. The curriculum framework is ideal for developing skills. It also helps in understanding of English, Mathematics, Science and Social Science.

Our Middle School Program offers both CBSE & IGCSE curriculum and focuses on the development of knowledge and skills. The focus is in the core subject areas of Science, Mathematics and English. It is also complemented by Languages, Humanities and Arts.

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Pyjama Party

Geckos dressed up in Pyjama’s to ‘‘Inquire’’ more about the patterns. They were very curious to show different pattern on their dress. They discussed about different design patterns and alsodiscussed about ‘‘Day and Night’’ routine. [...]

Guest Talk – Adaptation

It's not the strongest of the species that survive, nor the most intelligent . It;s the one that is the most adaptable to change. A student's journey is full of change. From the day they [...]

Summative Assessment – Grade 1

Grade 1 geckos conducted exhibition on weather as their summative assessment. Geckos showcased their learning outcome through presentations and experiments.Exhibition was interactive and informative where they shared their knowledge to other higher grade geckos and [...]

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