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It was a matter of great pride and gratitude of what we witness on annual day. The event of this scale and with so much of precision and finesse was simply outstanding. We would like to congratulate the entire team of Gaudium to pull off event of this magnitude so well. I could only imagine how much work would have gone in to preparing for this event.

I recollect when we met first at the time of admission for Sabal. Looking at the amenities and attitude of the staff around, I had commented that in matter of years, Gaudium would draw parallels with Schools like Oakridge. Your response was like: We will surpass them. Having witness the annual day and met up with some parents who had pulled their wards from Oakridge and similar schools and moved them to Gaudium is testimonial to what you and entire team of Gaudium envisioned years back. Congratulations again!!

Aparna and Sandeep, Parents of Sabal

I wish to start this year by showing my gratitude to the Principal and the Team Gaudium.

The wholesome development of my child Yogomaya of 4A, every year at Gaudium, kept surprising me. I am grateful to all her teachers, right from her grade 2. We couldn’t believe when our (once very shy) child showed the badge she got for being best communicator.

I must thank Mrs. Nalini profusely for all her efforts meticulously put, in tuning Yogomaya to grow gracefully.

My mother loves the attitudes her granddaughter has developed. My dream of bringing up my daughter the right way admist the crazy world is made possible due to The Principal and her team. I must thank the sports trainers too. I was stunned when I heard she was really doing taekwondo and was selected for intertribe competition, leave alone the medal. Her basketball master also was all praises when I met him last. Thank you for introducing the sports activities.

You did not stop with finding the hidden talents of my child in both academics scholatics and activities, but also provided the opportunity and recognized her. This will go a long way for our child to discover herself more without fear. Three magical years at The Gaudium has done wonders for my child. Wish to see more in the coming years.

Janakirani, Parent of Yogamaya

After going through these documents, all the aspects are covered and clearly explained. I am really happy with the support given by Gaudium to my son. I can see lot of changes in his behavior, accent and thinking. I always try to give best for him. I can say Gaudium is the best we choose for him.

Prathyusha N, Parent of Jashun

Today’s event at Gaudium was a great task you all had taken and accomplished

It’s the first for me and my son Ram (4A) at Gaudium coming to such an event, I as a parent am thankfull to one and all for such an effort.

Looking forward to many more.

Sravya Soma, Parent of Ram

This email is our way of saying Thanks to Mrs. Sana Ma’am and Mrs. Ameer Ma’am for their creativity, undying efforts, individual attention that they have been giving to our son Arhaan Raj. We have seen some really exceptional changes in our son, he has become more observant of the environment, have become more inquisitive and more social.

The approach adopted by the teachers is so practical in nature that Arhaan looks for alphabetical patterns in the things around him, and also various patterns in the environment which sometimes take us parents, by surprise.

Personally, I am impressed with the teaching methodology adopted, instilling in these young minds to be more observant of their surroundings than just relying on book method of imparting education.

Andalib Raj, Parent of Arhaan Raj
I want to express our thanks for teaching such a young mind concepts that have changed Arhann’s way of identifying and describing things. I was amazed when he himself pointed out patterns like tiger has stripes, leopard has spots, a flower garland has colour pattern, and while playing carrom he started saying black.. White… Black.. White… We even made fishes with paper rolls, colored them and played feed the fish game and he was so happy in making and then playing with it. All this is nothing but a reflection of your efforts that he is taking interest in such activities. Once again than you so much for guiding and always being there to help and teach them.
Jeha Shah, Parent of Arhann Monil Shah

Our son Sree Aaarith Lolla student of Grade 2 A planted potatoes, carrots, spinach, Avocado, dates, fenugreek and green chilly seeds. Even though carrots, fenugreek didn’t come out well, his potatoes, green chillies, avocado, dates and spinach came out really well. We wanted to share his efforts with his class.

Chandra Sekhar & Priyamvad Lolla, Parents of Sree Aarith Lolla
I would like to express my happiness about the development of Anjana, PP1-F. She always loves coming to school and that shows the best care the teachers show on her. She has equal fear and love on her teachers which helps me understand how balanced you are working towards children.I have seen the change drastically in her communication and Thinking skills. She communicates well and am happy that the way the new things/words were taught. I have been observing that the words were used appropriately at any given situation. I am citing few examples below:
  1. Myself and Anjana were returning from temple, late evening around 7pm. The road is bit dark and abandoned. She immediately held me tight and said ‘Mom, am scared’. I heard her using that first time and the usage at that time was nontheless more appropriate.
  2. Now she points to group of people and asks ‘Y r those people there?’. The word ‘People’ is also new to her but to me the usage was appropriate.
The way she shows interests in any activity or the way she thinks about any activity or people or person has improved a lot within few months of time. Hope to see the continued focus and learning.
Pavana, Parent of Anjana

I would like to share the growth and development I have observed in my child from the time he has joined the School of Joy.. The GAUDIUM INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL. He has always been a very chirpy child and since his childhood shares his routine and school happenings with me every day.

Last week he came home and called me while I was at work and said he has to make a project and asked me to bring a plastic bottle , balloon and triangle cut outs. I got him all he asked for and we together made a missile.. he explained me the force and friction concept while doing the project. I assumed this was asked by the school teacher but to my surprise he wanted to do it on his own… and took the project and submitted to his teacher which was a surprise for her too. (I got a call from her asking what made him make this).

Next day as I reach home.. he showed me a parachute made by him.. a plastic bag, thread and a bottle cover.. which when thrown up in the air comes down as a parachute.. which again was a beautiful explanation on the air and force, newton’s law, gravitational force. Wants to make another project that either moves or flies.. either a car or a plane which we are working on. Will be submitted shortly.

Sharing the above with you as I think it’s important for the school management to know the learning kids bring back home and how they apply this into various things. A special note of appreciation for Smita who has constantly worked with these little brains and in a very creative and beautiful manner. I can vouch for this as I get a download from my son every day. Needless to mention how Kiran mam adores children.. extremely helpful and someone who is always there to hear children is what Palash has to say for her.

A big thank you to the entire management… you are all doing a great job !

Shilpa Rameja, Parent of Palesh Rameja
My son Nimma Arya is from Grade 4B. He is new to Gaudium and my son loves going to gaudium now. Previously he was in an other school where he never use to enjoy studies but he loves his school and Mentors. He always appreciate an praises his mentor Mrs Rabia and keep telling about them always and the way they make the class so interesting is very fascinating my son and ofcourse for me too. It’s a pleasure for me and my family that my son is a part of Gaudium. Would want to thank the mentors of grade 4B for bringing a change in my son.
Rajitha Nimma, Parent of Nimma Arya
We would like to share my happy thoughts about our son V Janith Sai from Grade 4 A sec, We really appreciate the care taken by Ms Nalini (mentor) and the other teachers towards the kids. We could notice the difference in my son as he is happily learning new concepts and he is able to concentrate and connect with the subjects they are teaching at school, We are very much revealed that he is showing enthusiasm and he is also exited to share what he is learning at school. Thank you again to Ms Nalini and other teachers for making him comfortable and confident. .
I Noma Prasanna, Parent of Janith Sai

I attended the SLC on last SUN, and was overwhelmed by the looking at the progress that my ward Vaibhavi has made.

Many thanks to her teachers Jyotsana & Priyanka, for grooming her so well.

Amit, Parent of Vaibhavi
I am very happy with the way you are teaching the concepts and Chaitra is understanding them in class. I just wanted to share a couple of casual conversations that Chaitra and myself had recently..
Me – “How are we able to see any object”. (Expecting a simple answer as “Eyes”)
Chaitra – “Pupil”
Me – “What?”
Chaitra – “Yeah Mom, its Pupil”
Me – “Do you know where it is ?”
Chaitra – “Yeah I do. It is hiding inside the eye ball”
Last week, she came back home after school and she staring making sound with a plate and ladle. I asked her “What are you doing”
She said ” I am hearing the sound. When I beat the plate with the ladle, vibrations come. Outer ear catches them. They jump and go to the ear canal and then to the ear drum”
I am amazed to hear the big words like vibrations, molecules from her. Its very nice that you are teaching them concepts and not make them mug the textbooks. Till last year, she was not with me. She was staying with her grand mother. Before admitting her, we were not sure if she would adapt to the new school and new home (being with me). But she is very well enjoying home and school now. It is because of all your efforts.
Radhika, Parent of Chaitra
I would like to take this opportunity to appreciate the great efforts put in by the school in not just imparting education, but also moulding their individual personalities. The school day on 7-Jan really showcases your efforts and enthusiasm in ensuring every student was a part of such a great show. Congratulations on pulling it off.
I joined my kids(Shriya and Shruti) only this year and in these few months I have already seen a very big change in their attitude towards school, personality and confidence. I am totally convinced that Gaudium is not “just another international school”, but a school that is looking to make a huge impact. Having visited a lot of top schools in Hyd, I personally feel the Kollur campus is unparalleled.
We as parents are also very happy with the innovative and hands-on learning techniques as opposed to the regular “learn-from-the-book” methods.
So I would like to thank the entire team Gaudium for providing such conducive atmosphere and infrastructure for taking our children to the next level.
Niranjan, Parent of Shriya & Shruti
My son of grade 6 loves to attend the school and never wishes to take off. I am completely thrilled to have found an environment that is allowing him to flourish and prepare for future.

I am confident that The Gaudium School has set a solid foundation for learning. My son significantly gained confidence and self-independence due to various workshops and field trips conducted by the school.
After getting into Gaudium, his skills like public speaking, grasping and interacting with his peers has developed rapidly. Also the school is conducting many activities like farm fest, school trips etc., which is being enjoyed by both students as well as parents. It’s actually a very good way of learning. Also we as a parent receives monthly newsletter which gives us complete picture of what our kids are learning and how they are learning.
I am very proud about The Gaudium School and very thankful to the staff for their great work.


We as parents are also very happy with the innovative and hands-on learning techniques as opposed to the regular “learn-from-the-book” methods.
So I would like to thank the entire team Gaudium for providing such conducive atmosphere and infrastructure for taking our children to the next level.
Navdeep Trivedi, Father of Ojas Trivedi, Grade 6

It’s with the great pleasure and glee I am writing to you. Schools are built around the strong belief that the childhood of a little one is precious. Just meant to be enjoyed and cherished…And we parent of Ms. Chinmayee Ukkalam, Grade 3 did no mistake in choosing the right school for her. She spent her exciting 2 years in one of the best school which we know…. “The Gaudium”.

In our two years of the journey as parents, we would like to share our experiences, thoughts, and few suggestions & feedback which might help you to improve the perfection. Firstly, I would congratulate Director, Mrs. Keerthi Reddy & Principal, The Principal and their Vision to expand the school in building a successful team, teachers, and students.

I would also extend my gratitude to all the teachers, admin staff, and non-teaching staff.

Teaching methods

I simply love the innovative ideas through which the young learners are being introduced to different vital concepts. Teaching methods are evident when my daughter communicates about what she did in the school, and how she was involved in various activities. Its lot more than what she is learning when compared to our school days (that’s obviously true in most of the cases).

Chinmayee was much appreciated by teachers, other staff for being a creative & quick learner. Apparently, she continues to pleasantly surprise us with words, questions and sometimes explanations that are very intelligent and meaningful. We have had many moments when others have appreciated our child and her “out of the box” thinking attitude, for many such things she’s assimilating & articulating every day.

Credit goes to the STEM and other innovative teachings that “The Gaudium” follow.

Teachers Feedback

I would like to recognize Mrs. Teena and Ms. Sammy for their efforts in grooming the child’s future. This team has been a great resource for students as well as “The Gaudium”. When my daughter first became a part of Gaudium School, we had so many questions and concerns. However, Mrs. Neelam really helped us make a smooth transition and stayed in close contact with us throughout the year in providing regular feedback.

Nevertheless, Mrs. Teena and Mrs. Sammy have taken over the kids very effectively after Mrs. Neelam, and I would like to thank their leadership and guidance during my child’s tenure in the school. I would like to express my appreciation for the love, support, guidance, assistance and much more that they have done for my daughter.

Child Feedback

In PTM, teachers are always open in sharing the genuine feedback about the child and her behavior and making us comfortable in sharing her knowledge & growth. Apart from studies, she is doing equally good in other curricular activities like Sports, music, dance and art. This clearly reflects the focus of school towards the overall development of their learners.

We do believe that the child benefits most when the school, and parents are in sync and share a mutually trusting partnership. Mrs. Neelam and Mrs. Teena/ Mrs. Sammy are open in communicating & have a positive feedback mechanism that is very helpful to us in being an involved parent.

So, I think our attempt here is true to say a heartfelt Thank you! And give the credit where it duly deserves that is all of you at “The Gaudium” School.

Thank you. For your attention to detail, for meaningful interactions with parents, for your tender handling and patience with Chinmayee (and I am sure with all the little ones). Thank you for making us feel so secure and proud of our own selves for making the decision to enroll Chinmayee in your school.

Campus Infrastructure

Very impressed the way the school campus is taking a shape every day. We are really looking forward to seeing the whole campus ready. We wish you best of luck and your hard work is always appreciated!!!

Child Safety

I would only say, “She is safe” on your campus.

Non-Teaching Staff

A special heartful thanks to all the Non-Teaching staff for taking care of all the kids, so protectively and heartfully helping them.

All the housekeeping staff was courteous enough in handling parents and kids at any point in time. Till date, I have no complaints from our kid about anyone.

Celebrations & Special days

Fantastic to see parents being involved in many programs, and I am sure you must be getting a positive feedback from these initiatives.

It fills my heart with joy and pride to see the children excelling in different events organized within and outside the school; good to know that students are actively taking part in various activities.

We want to thank all the teachers for their stupendous efforts that are noticeable to us in every event which is organized.

Annual Day Celebrations

Annual Day Show was the best part of this year. It was an absolute delight to watch kids performing with so much confidence, teachers are so warm & patient with each child, totally touched with the hard work.

It’s an awesome performance by everyone in coordinating such a huge event. Your efforts are truly cherished.


SLC was a new method, in understanding my daughter’s knowledge and confidence, which impressed us a lot. We never knew that this could really help us to gauge our child’s ability in terms of how she can handle the situations all by herself.

It was a very joyful moment to see these young kids executing at their best all alone.


On the Annual Day, I noticed that students performing few stage acts were very confident without any stage fear. I also observed that they have very good communication skills. So, why don’t you give an opportunity to few students who stand best in delivering the master of ceremony instead of teachers?

This can steal the show and visualize parents about how students are groomed to face new challenges and can achieve milestones more than what they can do at a school.

You never know… your gecko may be the top celebrity one day, and you may share the proud moment of that achievement with others, and wherever you are.

I’ve already shared my thoughts as above with Mrs. Teena in my last PTM meeting. However, I would like to make a point here.

We are very proud to be a part of “The Gaudium” Family. And we hope to continue to have a meaningful and fulfilling relationship with all of you.

Phanindran Ukkalam, Chinmayee Ukkalam, Grade 3
I would like to share our feedback on your school , after about of 4 months schooling experience of my grand-daughter Stuti & our observations during the grand-parents day in July 2015.

A school next to a home , shapes the future of a child forever.

It is with this background that, when we were selecting a school for our grandchild , we looked at multiple options and finally chose The Gaudium school. Our expectation was that, being a new school you would be innovative and eager to take feedback from parents and improve on an ongoing basis.

Our experience so far shows that our expectations are being met. When our grandchild expresses desire to go to the school every day rather than stay at home , it indicates that the school has become her new way of life. May your focus on making every child happy , confident and thirsty for new knowledge, skills and attitude, continue forever.

Satish & Vijaya Bilgi, Gecko Stuti Bilgi- PP1
My daughter is not well from a couple of days and I am not able to send her to school for the same reason but I need to share with you couple of things about her. It makes us feel really very happy that we chose Gaudium for our child. There are multiple reasons behind this.

She never missed school from joining and she never cried in the school even from the first day. After her first day she told me that her teacher became her friend and she is so nice. Later on when I ask her what did I do in your school..she has only one answer and that is.. I enjoyed in the school mamma..and that’s it.

As I am not able to send her to school these days because of her recurring fever, she keeps crying at home that she wants to go to school.. even today I faced the same problem though it was a holiday.
She was telling me that I miss my friends a lot and I have my teacher who can take care of me very well. I will finish my food and take all the medicines but please send me to school.

I really don’t know how to react but I am very much thankful for such a warm treatment from the whole team of Gaudium. We expect the same treatment further. Hope she enjoys her school in the same way.
Thanks a lot once again.

Teja Balmoori, Gecko Dhruthi N - Nursery
Thank you teachers for keeping her motivated in everything. I am greatful to you all for the exposure you are giving in so many areas so much that, most of our holidays have become an extension of her class. Last year they learned so much about plants, its kinds and flowers and we had to go on a trip to forest and botanical garden in hills.
Now she wants to meet kings.We will try to pacify her with some palace visits in 2017. She also wants to check on legendary ghosts and myths around. We are happy to see our child so motivated that her interests are opening up in many new areas.
May it be migration, rights and responsibilities, Force, Friction, hydraulics, pneumatic and now the stories These topics had her brain open up in all new areas especially by activities applying them at home and around her, Appreciate the mind and hard work put- in by the Gaudium to bring out the curiosity in my child and allow her to research and reflect all the time.

I attended the SLC on last SUN, and was overwhelmed by the looking at the progress that my ward Vaibhavi has made.

Many thanks to her teachers Jyotsana & Priyanka, for grooming her so well.


We are glad to say that we are happy to see our kid Baby Sloka Madhu of grade 2b, is improving year by year not only in her academics but in overall activities, I sincerely thank Mrs.Madhuri who not only made her communicative, but also pulled out her confidence levels, this could only be possible by one to one interact between the mentor and students, we thank the entire team for the outcome of my kid.

Mrs. & Mr. Madhu, Sloka Madhu, Grade 2

We are very happy to share that Agastya has become more environment conscious. He is not wasting water any more. He is always Reminding us to reduce wastage and increase​ reuse and also to separate dry and wet waste.

Thanks for all the efforts in making him understand the importance of conserving nature.

Uma Srinivas, Agastya

Please accept my greetings. Hope you are doing fine. I would like to inform you about Yashita’s achievement. She participated in a safety poster competition among children of Aurobindo Pharma research centre employees as part of a national safety week celebration and came second, first being a 7th standard student. In prize distribution ceremony Yashita delivered a short speech on rule of road safety which received huge applause from the audience. She was the only child to deliver a speech in the closing ceremony of our national safety day celebration. It is the unit of inquiry on safety in her school and month long training by her teachers that made our job easy to prepare her for this program. I would like to thank your team for the wonderful job. While I drive, Yashita does not allow me to receive phone and advices me to leave the lane for ambulance. If she sees some one burning garbage, she express concern on pollution and talks about the ozone layer hole. These are the results of the brilliant curriculum of The Gaudium School. I wish a bright future of the school.

Dipak Roy, Yashita

Mrs. Shuba The Sharmas Mr. Ketha The Chindas Mrs. Shalu Mr. Chandrasekhar The Mehtas
We met Radha madam today (22nd Aug) in the Parent Teacher meeting specifically to convey our thanks to the major positive changes (Behavioral and Social) we are observing in our Son.He is now more engaging, friendly and descriptive. It is evident in the way he engages with his environment and various ways he shares and expresses his learning with us everyday in the evening after his school.He is now more than eager to get ready every morning and go to school.Radha madam has been a good teacher, mentor and a friend and it is very comforting for us that Dhruv confides in her for any issues he faces in the class.Swach Bharat concept has also stuck really well with Dhruv and he advocates it to anyone who seem to be violating it in front of him.The ayyama in Route 8 and Bus Driver are also very well behaved and we are sure that they take good care of the children in Route 8.
Rudra Pratap, Gecko Dhruv Tej - PP1
We could not stop ourselves in thanking and also appreciating the work of school as a team in churning the kids and its administration in right path.Our “special thanks” and “appreciation” without any doubt goes to Mrs Tahseen for her contribution and hard work as we could see a dramatic change in Deekshaa behaviour and the way she carries herself at home and outside nowadays of course Mrs Sangeeta contribution in supporting her should not go unnoticed.Though we could point each and everything but it take lot of time for us to type and also to read. Nevertheless, we expect more because you made us to expect more from your team by doing a great work. As parents we thank you each and everyone from this great team.There is a saying “Keep heads high go the extra mile, its never crowded”.
Mr. & Mrs. Nivedha Sivakumar, Gecko Deeksha - PP1
A big thank you to entire Gaudium Team in helping my Son Vajresh Nakhwa settling down.Yesterday was the first big day for me & my wife as Vajresh said Bye and that was the moment we both have been waiting for.Today was the second day for him without crying, very happy to see him…. While he returns home he has different story to share every day about class activities which make us happy…Thank you once again (all the Aya’s/Security Guards/Reception and front staff/teacher’s) you have really made a big difference by helping my kid to be become Active Gecko…
Jitendra Nakhwa, Gecko Vajresh - Nursery
It was indeed very pleasant as well as touchy moment to see the “Forgiveness Card” prepared by Vivaan. I am so happy to see that Gaudium is not only imparting education to The Geckos but also inculcating moral & values. This will enhance the over all development of the Geckos. I highly appreciate.
Sonali Banerjee, Gecko Vivaan - PP2
Yesterday when i woke up my son presented a hand made gift to me, wishing me “happy father’s day” which was unexpected. I was thinking he is too young to remember and understand the importance of this day. But his approach made me happy and emotional at the same time. Later on I came to know that he learnt all these from his teachers at school.Thank you so much once again for inculcating these values in our children.
Ritesh, Gecko Parth - 1
Initially when I moved my daughter from one of the good schools in Hyderabad I was reluctant but somewhere my sixth sense wanted me to go for The GAUDIUM. First day was important for my daughter and US too and she was almost settled in school. And after that there was no looking back she was perfectly settled and she comes back home with so many things and every day I ask her was your school she says ..VERY GOOD MOM which makes me so happy. She just loves both her teachers and she makes sure she tells me about them everyday.So far we are happy with the school and we look forward for the beautiful VISION of the school to take its true shape.
Divya, Gecko Heshna Chandra-Nursery
We are happy to hear about Vanya’s progress and her participation and involvement in all the activities. We are more happy to know that you take care of her so well. Vanya loves going to school and shares each and every detail after coming back from school. We have seen a lot of improvement in her in first few days itself. Completely satisfied with our choice of school. Thank you so much and we are enjoying it a lot. Glad to be part of Gaudium.
Madhuri S, Gecko Naga Vanya - PP1
We are indeed observing a better improvement in our child’s daily activities. It is possible by your excellent and skilled faculty, syllabus and of course infrastructure. It gives us immense pleasure to see our kid grow with a healthy mind and noble education.
Sushanta Mishra, Gecko Nishan Mishra- Nursery
All applause for Gaudium !!! :) Soham from day 1, loves to go to school, loves his school bus, teachers and friends. Learnt many poems, reciting at home, knows when to say ‘sorry’,’thank you’. Has become very active in running, dancing etc.His father also sees a lot of difference in him. He has something new to tell daily. Thank you !!!
Bharti Garg, Gecko Soham Garg- PP1
We are very much happy to join in Gaudium family. My son is enjoying going to school so far. This is the 5th week of his school and he is going to school very happy without giving any trouble by school bus. After coming back from school he is narrating stories. My special thanks to The Principal Mam, after speaking to her we took admission without having any second thought. Please let us know any help or support from parents to grow our school….you are much much better than other schools…
Hari, Gecko Rishi Hans- PP1