Why are the kids
at The Gaudium called

Gecko_Page_IllustrationThe ‘Gecko’ Concept

The Students of The Gaudium School are called as ‘Geckos’.

  • Geckos are Widely spread and present in all habitats and we want our students to spread across the globe for their growth and success.
  • Geckos have movable eyes for being vigilant and and we want to prepare our students to be pro-active
  • When food is scarce, they are very tolerant and rely on their stored reserves and we want our students to always be prepared for the extremes
  • As geckos are found and accepted in many morphs—color, pattern and size variations, we regard a heterogenous population of students with open–mind at the Gaudium
  • The geckos’ exceptional sight and hearing abilities, help them to camouflage from their predators enhancing their survival. We wish our students to adapt to any situation and mould unfavourable circumstances to their advantage
  • Geckos are unique among lizards in their vocalizations. They use chirping sounds in social interactions with other geckos
  • Our Geckos are taught to be adaptable and to be comfortable in any situation
  • The geckos mesmerize the whole world with the symbolic meaning of their songs, dances and tonal resonance