Why not move away from scholastic assessments and towards collaboration with parents for understanding of a child’s needs?

An International CBSE School in Hyderabad that emphasises on Special Academic Programmes

Special Programmes

REMEDIAL PROGRAM – Remedial teaching within school timings, with parental involvement restricted to only monitoring.

GIFTED PROGRAM – Challenging students for advanced learning with an active involvement of the parent on a regular basis.

All learning experiences are focused around the strengths and needs of individuals and encourage each child to reach his or her full potential – academically, socially, emotionally and physically.

Support the Parents in Parenting

The Gaudium – an international CBSE school in Hyderabad, has a mentoring program in place that provides students with emotional comfort, improves their self-esteem, instils social responsibility, and enhances their communication skills and cultural sensitivity. It helps promote healthy and positive relationships between mentees and mentors, which in turn fosters academic motivation, achievement and strengthens peer, school and family relationships.

Age appropriate counselling is offered on physiological, biological and psychological changes in the different stages of a child’s development so as to create awareness in the child.

Humanistic approach to education

We take pride in the fact that we are the only school with a unique humanistic educational approach that helps create happy adults. In alignment with our philosophy we have included “Value Creation Education” as a separate module in the school curriculum.

As part of this we equip children to meet the challenges of the competitive world happily and while retaining sound values and virtues. We facilitate self-engaging socially responsible programs to make students responsible citizens contributing to the community in meaningful ways. Our students are shaped to become global citizens and to see the world without barriers.

Student Centred Goals of The Gaudium/ Learning Principles of The Gaudium

  • Students will demonstrate English proficiency in all school subjects, social interactions, personal expression, and enjoyment.
  • Customized structured learning plans will help your child develop the skills and study habits needed to improve their academic performance
  • Our trained and certified teachers will provide personalized one-to-one mentoring for your child through guided practice.
  • Student–teacher relationship is meaningful to enhance the learning
  • Counsellors will provide school counselling curriculum lessons on academic, career, college access, and personal and social competencies, offering advice and academic/career/college access planning to all students.
  • Different learning resources to cater to the needs Kinaesthetic, Visual and Auditory learning styles of the children to demonstrate their unique talents and abilities to enrich society.
  • Highly disciplined educational environment to inculcate core values to create, review, renew and implement a high quality, challenging curriculum that is embedded with time-less life skills and character.
  • Challenging the advanced learners and providing additional support to students with learning difficulties with personalised programs.
  • Open communication system between the school and parents on a daily basis to give more guidance to track the child’s progress.
  • Student centred learning approach will enhance the child’s knowledge, aptitude, attitude, skills and values for a life-long learner.
  • A learning tool like ‘Multiple Intelligences’ will help to educate more effectively by teaching different students the same topic in different ways according to their particular ‘intelligences’ like linguistic, logical-mathematical, musical, spatial, bodily-kinaesthetic, naturalist, inter-personal & intra-personal.
  • Actively self-engaging socially responsible programs designed, will make students responsible world citizens contributing to the community in meaningful ways.
  • As the campus is student-friendly, with universal access to IT and other technological support, students become aware from the outset that learning can and should be ‘Anywhere-Anytime’.
  • The NO CHILD LEFT BEHIND concept ensures that children with various learning paces are included in the learning process.
  • To inculcate sensitivity to catalyze a positive change in humanitarian issues outside the comfort zone of the student.
  • To promote social responsibility and see a world without barriers. / To become a global citizen.
  • Strive for accountability towards the natural resources and sustainability as an integral part of the learning.

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