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In harmony with nature!

Being one with nature means to respect and care for all living things. The Gaudium has a ‘Petting Zoo’ on campus that allows children to interact with animals and know the value of living beings. The care and bonding they develop is seen to be believed. This co-existence in harmony goes a long way in developing social and self-management skills.

To inculcate values of oneness with nature come to The Gaudium.

Admissions Open For 2018-2019

The Gaudium offers IB* curriculum from Nursery to Grade 5. It offers a choice in curriculum between CAIE & CBSE in Grades 6-10.


The only International School In Hyderabad to have a ‘Petting Zoo’ on campus!

So what does a Petting Zoo have to do with a school? It’s simple. Developing a bond with nature and especially animals inculcates a sense of responsibility, appreciation for life and the recognition for the need of living beings to exist in harmony. It’s not just about the ‘cuteness’ of playing with rabbits, ducks, horses or goats, but the feelings that students develop over a period of time with these pets is what drives in them the harmony. Go ahead. Pet a goat or a rabbit. Play with them and see the Joy of Harmony overflowing within you.

27 Acres of Joy – 27 Acres of the best school in Hyderabad

best-school-in-hyderabadSustainable Campus

At The Gaudium we believe that young minds flourish better in an environment that is green and eco-friendly. Our conscious effort is to reduce our carbon footprint and create a sustainable campus. In line with this, the concept of Reduce, Reuse and Recycle is inculcated at an early age in our students to sensitize them to respect and value the environment. The campus, supported by solar energy, houses an effluent treatment plant, water recharging bodies, rain water harvesting units and organic waste recycling.

The campus hosts a natural eco-system with abundance of tree-lined and shaded boulevards, sparkling water bodies, fish, birds, butterfly parks and lotus ponds to keep the surroundings naturally cool.

The 27 acres of joy is a gift of happiness to every Gaudium child – after all they deserve the best school in Hyderabad.


Interactive Science Park

The Gaudium introduces informal science education through a unique Science Park on campus. As part of this novel initiative, working and static science exhibits are installed all over campus to make Science both interesting and entertaining.It provides the opportunity for students to handle real objects, solve problems, and nurture scientific temper.

The Science Park will work in synergy with our sustainable campus to enable students to internalise concepts better. Engaging activities like bird watching, star gazing, butterfly breeding, petting zoo and farming reiterate learning further.

The Science Park will host discussions on thought provoking issues like the food system, nanotechnology, healthy eco-systems and climate change. Subject experts will be invited to the Science Park to share their views from time to time.

Adventure Campsite

Every child has a spirit of adventure that helps him or her acquire leadership, learn to take risks and develop social skills. The Gaudium has a full-fledged space allocated exclusively for adventure sports such as rock climbing, rappelling, rope bridge crossing, building tree houses, camping and more. These adventurous activities stoke a child’s innate joy; build confidence and a sense of triumph in a child.

prop24Unmatched Sports Infrastructure

We understand the value of sports and the role that it plays in instilling the qualities of leadership, mutual respect, sharing and team spirit. In line with this we are opting for a scientific structured sports curriculum that sows the seeds of leading a healthy life style through physical and nutrition education. It is designed to help prepare children for a lifelong commitment to physical activity and wellness.

The Sports facilities at The Gaudium ably complement this structured curriculum. All activity and equipment are age-appropriate and tailored to the growth and developmental needs of the students.

Indoor Sports Arena   – a full-fledged basketball court, squash courts, badminton courts and table tennis courts.

Outdoor Sports Arena – a 400 meter athletic track, tennis courts, full-fledged football field, hockey field, cricket nets, volleyball courts, basketball courts and a well-maintained swimming pool.

prop23World Class Labs And Studios

At the Gaudium we ensure that hands-on learning complements the study of core subjects. We thus have in place a robust laboratory infrastructure.

Ultra modern Physics, Chemistry and Biology laboratories

The well-maintained labs are equipped with next-gen audio-visual teaching aids, learning kits and world – class apparatus. The labs adhere to high safety standards.

The STEM Lab

The STEM Lab provides a highly engaging environment to improve and enhance students’ understanding of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics in an integrated manner.

Writing Lab

Enables Students to improve their skills while expressing their thoughts in expository essays, research papers, and creative writing.

Social Sciences Lab

Brings learning to life and provides firsthand experience of History and Geography in a manner that students are likely to retain the subjects better.

The Do-It-Yourself (DIY) Lab

The DIY Lab at the Gaudium prepares the children to be self-sufficient and equips them for life. Our skilled instructors impart hands-on knowledge on the basics of: driving, cooking, housekeeping, electrical and domestic appliance servicing, vehicle servicing, carpentry, welding and electronics

Aesthetic fine art studios

Appreciation of arts and crafts inculcates cultural sensitivity in children and shapes them into well-rounded personalities. We provide facilities and tutors to help students discover their inherent talent and preferences in:

  • Sculpting & Pottery
  • Dance
  • Yoga & Meditation
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Theatre
  • Music – Vocal & Instrumental

Steering Students on the Info Highway

Our students jumpstart their InfoTech journey right from Grade 1 and learn it all through ultra-modern computer labs that provide the best-in-class technology and high speed Internet connectivity. Here’s a look at the technologically advanced features that define our campus.

  • Wireless networked campus
  • Internet leased line with unified threat management system
  • Integrated Building Management System
  • Audio & Video control system
  • Portal to facilitate seamless flow of information & effective communication
  • Hi-end voice communication server for inter & intra phone facility
  • Video & audio conferencing facility for communication
  • CCTV surveillance system for monitoring & event recording
  • Door access control system for authorised entries
  • Fire detection, alarm and fighting system capable of handling any fire hazard

The Gaudium – Gallery

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Did You Know?

The Gaudium is the only school with a Science Park and a mini-forest on the campus that allows children to actually explore the wonders of science throughout the campus.


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